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Now that I am all settled I did some very self indulgent ninja turtles sketches because, turtles. Based a little on the 2012 nickelodeon cartoon and a a smidgen of elements from the movie, (disappointing as it was the turtles were still cool, ugly but cool and Raph’s brand was a mixture of cheesy and awesome.)

I can just imagine the tales of nexus champion glory that Mikey is telling to his younger/alt self. (Yes the medal is supposed to be that thing around his arm)


How about April actually saves Donnie for once but… With a ‘price’, if you know what I mean.

Sorry dude it took me so long to make this D:
The first pic is actually what you asked me for, but i wanted to continue and show it as a little story about them :> looks a little 
tedious though

I don’t know what to say about their relation in series since Casey appeared and Don has started to behave pretty strange and wrong for his actual character. If he’s a brain he might not act like a big terribly jealous fanboy, let April make her own decisions and just be near her to help and cheer her up. It’s not like I really don’t like this,but..  I’m just waiting for new season to see their relationship to develop. That’s all

I hope you like, dear qvq

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